Lizard to Land's End

Ready for the off!

The start!

The lighthouse at the Lizard

Looking back

The beach

Two metres of beach left to get across

The path

A novel stile

Bought first sandwich here

Cliffs & southern most point

This is the Marconi monument. There's a similar one by Allum Bay on the Isle of Wight.

I think the other was much the same

Looking inland

St. Michael's Mount, in the distance

Day 2 A bit closer

Day 2 Even closer

Day 2 An old tin mine

Look how narrow the path us here and how near the edge.

The local fish shop. May try to book.

Menu not unreasonable

Day 3 A real cliff path!

another nasty edge

Don't look down!

I promise you this is the actual path

Porthcuin Bay


Breaking waves

Entrance to cave


I went in 20yards then it got seriously deep dark and wet,but just went deeper

Approaching lands end

Made it to Land's End

Lizard to Land's End, 1st to 3rd of May 2016 tap pics. to see comments below